99% Is Danger Please Avoid This If You Pregnant

Have to know if you are under pregnant, you certainly know some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy. Yes, keeping the correct diet will affect the health of your heart and the fruit of the womb will be improved. If you underestimate the effect will be on your content. The best solution is to choose the type of food during pregnancy so that the content is always healthy.

99% Some list of foods that need to be avoided while pregnant be cause its danger .Here need to really pay attention to. Yes, you need only read the article below so your content is always healthy and given birth normally and smoothly.

Avoid This Foods During Pregnancy

1. Alcoholic Drinks

Although alcohol was not including food, but you should avoid when you're pregnant, in all its forms. Studies have found that women who frequently consume alcohol during pregnancy have an increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirths even. Baby make it full length and delivered still carries the risk of developing mental deficits as well as various physical disorders.

To it in order to be thorough and no alcohol content is safe during pregnancy. Even if there is a medicine containing alcohol should change.

2. Shellfish

The shells are very safe to take during pregnancy, but the consumption of raw shellfish is really not recommended. These foods may include clams and mussels. It is recommended not to much the consumption of shellfish.

3. The Offal

Organ meats, such as those which include the liver and giblets very rich source of nutrients but not good for pregnant women. These organs is a rich source of vitamin A and iron, it can cause hazard in children. Easy body accumulating nutrients and toxicity is very likely resulting in brain damage and developmental disorders.

4. fish with high mercury content

When it comes to fish there is a point of diminishing return reply, but rather where too many do not offer anything either, and can only end up causing harm to you and your baby. Fish accumulate mercury in their body that then when consumed by humans transfer of mercury stored in their body.

Cold water fish or those caught at sea are far more likely to have high levels of mercury. Common fish that consumed a high mercury content including shark, mackerel, tuna, and swordfish. These fish are still very high omega 3 content, which means that you do not want to do away with them completely. A better plan is to limit the servings for one or two times per month. This is not to say that all species of fish high in mercury content, so choose varieties that are known to be lower in the spectrum of mercury is the best action plan.

5. Fish Sushi

Just mentioning that consume fish known to contain high levels of Mercury is bad for the baby, but when compounded with being raw, the risk is significantly increased. The raw fish used in sushi may be the host for several types of bacteria that can cause serious infection when consumed. These include those that cause cholera, listeria, and may even contain other parasites.

The conclusion is not tell you will be save your baby or your health event you avoid all above things,but that small concern from your daily activity while you not recognize its will be 99% danger of course if you eaten a lot. in the end keep your baby save also your health caused the amazing thing will you get while you see your baby face save in your arms.

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